Where are my bees……stealth missions being considered!


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Concern is mounting by the day as my bees fail to materialise. Here I am ready and waiting with a sparkly new bee hive and nothing to go in it.  I have talked to Aussies, Americans, Kiwis, Brazilians, Mexicans, Canadians, Indians, Danes, Norwegians, Germans, Swedes and even moustache wearing Polish beekeepers about it all but still I haven’t any of my own. What am I to do?

So I have one hive to come, the beehaus which should come with some bees and then I am expecting a nucleus from a local beekeeper but I have heard nothing from him in weeks. Therefore desperate times call for desperate measures (now that I have e-mailed him for an update). I am thinking of taking matters into my own hands. Maybe I should go in search of a swarm as well (the beehaus essentially has two hives so if the options actually came good I still wouldn’t have a problem)

I could opt for a stealth mission and incentivise other beekeepers bees to swarm. There are two issues however, firstly I would have absolutely no idea how to do this and whether it was actually possible to make bees swarm. Secondly, I am pretty sure, much like many stealth operations, I would have to be pretty close to the hive. I am not sure I would want to be too close if i was the protagonist to a swarm. The cartoon sketches of a beekeeper running for the nearest pond would probably be acted out following this option.

Now, assuming it is both risky, morally wrong and probably impossible to instigate my stealth mission, I may have to come up with another option. I could, as an alternative run, bee suit in hand, when I hear the nearest shout of “bees nest”. I heard that recently that along the dual carriage way near my workplace that there was a swarm in a tree. This means a beekeeper not only had to dodge the bees but also the rather scared looking drivers. Why wasn’t I there!

Anyway, lets see how things pan out this week before I start to consider the stealth mission seriously. Failing all of this I suppose I could just go and chat up the local association.

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