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[google1] There are many beekeeping jobs to do in Spring but I think I have only touched the surface of what needs to be done. March is a time in the hive when everything is getting going and should the temperature get above the 10-150C range you will start to see bees flying around outside the hive (hopefully getting some pollen which is an indication that the hive is working as pollen is needed to feed larvae, an indication that the queen is laying)

Therefore here is a list of the jobs that I have done so far. However, I am sure this list isn’t exhaustive and so please help me by telling me what other jobs I have to do…….

  • Cleaned out my feeders (ready to feed sugar syrup to the bees as the weather warms up a bit)
  • Fed the bees some fondant (feeding fondant to bees is the alternative to syrup when the weather is cold)
  • Washed my beesuit
  • Had a quick look to see that all was well (but not for long so to keep the heat in the hive – spotted dysentry though which wasn’t good)

So are there any other Beekeeping jobs that should be done now? Can anyone help me out here?

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Other jobs include:

>Refresh your bucket of washing soda
>Nosema/Acarine health inspection
>Replace any old tatty combs
>Lift the colonies off their floors, tip any dead bees from the floor, flame it off then return it underneath. This is more simply done by having a second floor available, which you swop.
>Heft the hive and assess amount of remaining stores.
>Check if hives have leaked – is there any mouldy combs
>Check if the queen is laying OK, e.g. not a drone layer or laying workers. (If weather allows an inspection)
>Tidy the apiary – strim around the grass etc.

I wouldn’t feed, unless you are doing something like a bailey comb change.


All great advice Adam, thanks for that, will look into each of them….

Hope all well.


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