Should I blame the mother in law or the cat?


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So my suspicions were confirmed, my bees did in fact swarm and I predict it happened roughly on Saturday. I went in finally on Monday and there were two sealed queen cells and no obvious sign of a queen (though some one/two day old eggs were definately there). Damn, that means that had I gone in on Friday I could have saved the situation!

So who should I blame……the mother in law or the cat? Let me explainOn Friday it was all decided. We were going to the Mother in Law (MIL) for her 70th Birthday as per my last post. However, what I didn’t mention was the fact that my cat decided to have a run in with barbed wire before we left.

Therefore my bee inspection time that I had negotiated at length with she who must be obeyed got squashed as the vet beckoned with a hobbling cat in tow. That nagging feeling started to grow that my bees were about to do something.

After the visit to the vet with a rather sorry looking, newly shaved, cone protection headed cat back in the house, high on some wonderful pain relief, I was whisked away to the MILs for her 70th birthday.

This meant some really nice family time for the next two days (and I really mean that, it was great time and I think that MIL had a nice time)

In a way, when I was checking through the hive on Monday, realising that they had swarmed, there was also a slight bit of relief as I was woefully underprepared for doing an artificial swarm; both mentally and equipmently (I know, definatley not a word!). Therefore, in truth it wasn’t as bad as it sounds but still dissapointing not to have gone through the experience.

Therefore should I blame the cat or the MIL? Answers please on a post card!

Hope everyone well.

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I would blame the cat… They can sense when you’re in a hurry and pick those moments to cause the maximum trouble possible!

Tell me about it Emily…..this cat really knows as well!

Marked queen? Are you sure she’s not there? This is not a normal Spring and I had one marked queen sat at home amongst eleven capped cells this week (no sign of any intent a week before). Another colony has young eggs and may have swarmed but not convinced either…too many bees but not marked (me bad).

Sadly there was definitely o queen (though she wasn’t marked either) but definitely gone. Gutted

Seeings how I don’t like cats and I know better than to upset my “she who must be obeyed” or mother of “she who must be obeyed”…….I’d blame the cat.

But remember “the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry”. Esspecially if you throw in a birthday of a mother-in-law and a cat.

Tom, you sound like you have you have a similar mentality to me then! I blame the cat too!

Mine swarmed yesterday right in the middle of the Royal Wedding! Had done hive inspection earlier in the week but saw no queen cells – will go look today. Gutted too – interested to hear how you get on from here.

Oh no………that is a shame and right in the middle of the wedding. They certainly seem active at the moment don’t they. Must be all the good weather we have been having.

Hope all is well Grahame. James

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