How to perform an Artificial Swarm.


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I hope this small video helps you in working out how to perform an artificial swarm. Audrey at my local beekeeping association demonstrated it to me and it all made sense with this marvellous model which she very kindly let me borrow. See what you think.

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What if the reason in swarming in the first place was the queen was getting old?And they needed a new queen?

Hi Robert, firstly, thank you for commenting. To be honest I probably carry on to let the bees decide if she was old. I think I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to making decisions on behalf of the bees. However I may take a couple of the queen cells for the specific reason of having a back up queen just in case the colony really didn’t want her. Does that make sense?

Very clear explanation – will use it to revise for basic exam next week!

Thanks for the comments Trisha, much appreciated, best of luck with the exam…..let us know how you got on

That’s very helpful, I had read about it but seeing it done visually makes it more memorable for me! I expect to be trying it next year sometime…

Hi Jenny,

Glad it helped you…..


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