Do think you this is a beekeeper blog?!


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These are apparently the words that I use most in this blog……..I can understand the terms “beekeeping” but who on earth is “John”!!


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That’s it John, must be you! Thank you for reminding me!

Did you name one of your bees John? Or maybe he is some mystical bee guru?

Aaahhh maybe that is it Jill, though I did have a tendency to name them after Greek philosophers and yet they don’t appear….!


I’m a new beekeeper but an SEO by trade so may be able to shed some light. The keyword cloud to the right is your main keywords sized by popularity from your posts, the one in the picture above looks like it’s come from some external website, so is probably picking up comments too, so if there’s a John who’s left a few comments his name could be included in their cloudmap.

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