What do you do when your Apiary is on fire?


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So, imagine the scene. I am sitting around a pool basking in the sun at our Property to Rent in Italy and I receive a text from my Mum. Nothing out of the ordinary there aside from the fact that it is purely a picture of a scene that I found quite disturbing. Not for one nanosecond did I expect to see what I sawApiary on Fire in front of me and it took me a few seconds to take it in.

Between calls of “come on Dad” and “I want to jump on you Dad” it slowly dawned on me that the picture was the field to the side of our house, complete with three fire engines using hoses. The message accompanying the picture simply said “Exciting” which didn’t really help matters.

I could work out from the aspect that these fire engines were about 25ft from the location of my hives which immediately put a knot in my stomach. It looked pretty serious and I was straight on the phone.

My mum had very kindly agreed to pop around to mow the lawn while we were away and was confronted with this scene as she arrived. As it turned out I was very lucky and the wind was kind to me, blowing the fire in the opposite direction. It was started by a mechanical fault with a tractor while harvesting which sent sparks into the dry hay.

Though the fire brigade were told 20 acres were on fire, it turned out to be just half an acre, but still, scary enough. If the wind was blowing the other way my hives would literarily have been toast. Lucky lucky. Below are some pictures of the damage post fire brigade and some have my hives in the background.

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I’m glad your bees are ok, that must have been quite a scare!

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