The National Honey Show 2012


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How was The National Honey Show 2012?

 The National Honey Show

I have to say that there are times when I feel really glad that I became a beekeeper. Times like the London Honey Show a few weeks back and the event I attended today, The National Honey Show, are a joy. To be honest you couldn’t get two more different events but there are a vital part of the beekeeping calendar.

Whether you want to attend some valuable beekeeping discussions, go shopping for some new kit or simply have a look at some fantastic examples of the products that a hive can produce in the show itself, the National Honey Show is one event to attend at the end of the year when everything else in the beekeeping year. 

It is interesting to seeing the contrast between the London Honey Show and the National Honey Show. For all that the former is relaxed, informal and fresh (if that makes sense) the National is the opposite. It is more formal, it is more stringent in its enteries (the London Honey Show classically lets honey entries enter if it is “honey” compared to the stringent entry criteria at the National Honey Show for example) and it just has the aura of old school Britishness.

I can see how it could be perceived as not moving with the times but, being a slight traditionalist, I sometimes like the formality and rules that govern the event. It is much like the tennis in my book. Would Wimbledon still have the same niche appeal if it forgot its routes and sometimes bucked the trend of the wider tennis world; I think not. The National Honey Show is an institution and though its formatcould be improved I think its core needs to stay.

Anyhow, it was a great day and lovely to meet up with old friends and to see that Beekeeping is waving a consistent wave of popularity.

Photos of The National Honey Show

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“The legislation with regard to food contact materials will preclude the reuse of glass honey jars for any commercial food use, even following stringent cleaning. A commercial honey producer is legally obliged to ensure their jars are fully compliant with legislation, and have an overriding requirement under the Food Safety Act to ensure the food they provide is safe.

Great Photos of The National Honey Show. It looks like you had a fab time last year. Are you going to another this year.

We love bee honey candles they have an amazing scent that smell so fresh.

what is the honey and Marigold bath bomb?

Thank you

Sarah Midland

Hey Sarah,

Yep, hoping to get over there again this year. In fact, the BBKA convention is just coming up so looking forward to that too. Hope all well with your candle business…


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