About me

The Surreybeekeeper website has been set up to cater for all beekeepers; new and old. Primarily set up as a blog it expanded into an online shop and general online resource for beekeepers in 2011. The premiss being to offer all beekeepers access to a variety of equipment and useful resources that the Surreybeekeeper has used during his own beekeeping career.

The Surreybeekeeper is also known as James Dearsley who started beekeeping several years ago. In response to various newspaper and online media stories discussing the decline of the humble honeybee James felt compelled to help the little yellow and black insects.

Initially the aim was to achieve just one jar of honey in his first year of beekeeping and this blog charted the progress. However, James caught the bug and swiftly set about learning all he could about the topic and writing about subject extensively.

As a result, James has written in a variety of publications including various beekeeping magazines around the world, not to mention other publications such as The Ecologist and popular sustainable living publication Mother Earth News. James has also recorded a DVD about Beekeeping for Beginners alongside Charlie Dimmock of Ground Force fame which is now on general release – Beginner Beekeepers DVD here.

James also runs the largest online community of beekeepers on his Facebook page – The Beginner Beekeepers Page. Come and join James and over 2,500 other beekeepers from around the world.

What started out as a simple wish to help out the bees and teach his two sons where honey came from, a true passion for the topic has developed and this website is the result.

Personally James is married to the wonderful and patient Jo and together they have two beautiful boys; Sebastian and Edward. They all live in Surrey, just south of London in the United Kingdom.

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