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I believe to become a better beekeeper you have to combine to things; a practical and theoretical knowledge of the subject Beekeeping Booksand the latter is obviously achieved by reading lots of beekeeping books! There are a lot of beekeeping books out there on the market and I am trying to read as many as I possibly can. Each time I read one I will try to express and honest view point of what I think of the beekeeping books and put a review here for all to see.

I receive nothing from the authors of these beekeeping books in return for writing a review but from time to time, am sent beekeeping books from publishers but that is all. Therefore you can be assured that these are purely personal viewpoints and are not tainted by anything.

If you have a beekeeping book you would like reviewed please contact me for more information.

Beekeeping Books: The Urban Beekeeper by Steve BenbowBeekeeping Books: The Urban Beekeeper

A fantastic book written by the owner of The London Honey Company, Steve Benbow. It is a diary account along the lines of my own book; From A to Bee but from a completely different perspective. Mine an amateur overview and Steve’s a fascinating insight into a commercial beekeepers year. Steve leads a fascinating life and one that he really opens up to during this book. Read more about The Urban Beekeeper

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Beekeeping Book Review: Childrens Beekeeping Book; The Beeman

Beekeeping Book for ChildrenI just wanted to share with you a great find; a beekeeping book for children. I have recently tried reading another; Hannah and theHoneybees but have yet to finish it given that it is aimed at a slightly older audience but this book, The Beeman, was perfect for younger children. If you want to read my other reviews you can find them on my Beekeeping BooksPage. Read more about The Beeman here

Beekeeping Book Review: If I Were a Bee by Dolores Keaveney

As many of you know, despite now being an author myself (From A to Bee) I also like to spread the word about other beekeeping Children's Beekeeping Booksbooks and hence I do plenty of beekeeping book reviews. However rarely do I get the opportunity to review Children’s beekeeping books and so I always enjoy receiving them in the post. This is a fine example and one that any parent or grandparent should get for their little ones. It is a joy to read and look at the fabulous pictures. Read more here
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Queen Breeding and Bee Genetics by Eigil Holm is an English translation of a Danish Book and it is immediately apparent Queen Breeding and Genticsthat it shouldn’t be pitched at those who are perhaps not particularly scientific minded. In parts, despite it being a very informative book, it did remind me of past textbooks with scary looking diagrams all over the pages. Then again, that is exactly what genetics is all about; therefore perhaps I am being a little harsh. Read more here

Beekeeping Books Review; Beekeeping, A Novice’s Guide. David WoottonBeekeeping; A novice's guide

It is written by a passionate beekeeper and professional photographer, David Wootton. You can find his Photography website here. Therefore, as you can imagine being a photographer, the images throughout this 146 page book are by far the best photos you will see in many Beekeeping Books…… more here
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Beekeeping Books; Bee Boles and Bee Houses

I have recently found a real interest in the historical aspect of beekeeping and so I jumped at the chance to review this Bee Boles and Bee Housesbeekeeping book; Bee Boles and Bee Houses by A M Foster.

Essentially it is a good review of techniques used to house bees before a certain group in the early to mid 18th Century got involved and invented the moveable frames (I.e. Dzierzon, Langstroth amongst a few others)…… more here

Beekeeping Books Review, The Bee Craftsman by H. J. Wadey

It has been a while since my last beekeeping book review but felt this needed a special mention. The Bee Craftsman; A short guide to the life story and management of the honey-bee by H.J Wadey. Now the best and worst bit about this book (and I speak for many beekeeping books here)  is that it was written in 1943! It is a piece of social history and I have to say I absolutely love it for that fact alone…… more here

Beekeeping Books Review – “Beekeeping; self-sufficiency”

This is the second of my reviews on beekeeping books so I hope that you find this one interesting as well. This is a book written by Joanna Ryde and I have to say immediately, it is a very easy to read book……read more here

Beekeeping Books Review “A World Without Bees”A World without Bees

I have to say, from a beginners perspective, this beekeeping book is worthy of a read. In fact it is worthy of a read to any beekeeper for that matter. Right from the start,  it outlines exactly why there is a huge concern at the moment for the plight of the humble honey bee (or any other bee, as they cover them all) and certainly the first two chapters really highlight every concievable reason to be worried……read more here



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