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Hello everyone, I hope that you find this beekeeping websites page useful. Over time I have built up a Beekeeping Websites really good network of friendly beekeepers who are also writing beekeeping blogs or have great beekeeping websites. I thought I would share them with you here.

If you know of some beekeeping blogs or beekeeping websites that you would like to share please get in contact with me via the contact me page and I would be happy to set up some sort of reciprocal link with you.

Beekeeping Websites:

Worlds Largest Beekeeping Facebook Page - great for beginners and people interested in beekeeping around the world with thousands of beekeeping taking part in daily discussions.

A Very Active Beekeeping Forum - any topic is discussed and a very worthwhile forum to join. Mainly UK issues discussed.

British Beekeeping Association - A great new beekeeping websites was recently launched and makes it a lot more user friendly. Lots of resources to use as well

Surrey Beekeepers Association - one of the more historic associations involved in beekeeping in the UK and one that is well worth looking at. Though close in name I have nothing to do with them but am a part of the branch associations Reigate Beekeepers

Beekeeping in London - Emily’s great blog about beekeeping in London. Well worth a read and one of the great beekeeping websites

Great beekeeping blog and podcast from New Zealand – Gary and Margaret are based in the hills outside West Auckland and compile this very entertaining outlook on beekeeping in New Zealand and a very enjoyable podcast that you can subscribe to

Beekeeping in North Carolina - Marks great beekeeping website about his adventures with beekeeping over in North Carolina. Been going for a while now so lots of useful information

Some more great Beekeeping Links – this is a sight that has been suggested to me built by Ms. Ward and her classroom full of children. A truly great page for an overview of Beekeeping websites

Darren’s Blog - beekeeping websites combining a bit of beekeeping and a bit about taking on a small holding. I really enjoy Darren’s beekeeping blog simply because I would really like to keep a small holding one day

Beekeeping near an airport - Warrin’s beekeeping website is worth the read simply because one of his hives is 700m from the busiest international airport in the World, Heathrow!

Online Hive Record Cards - Matt started up his own little business and well worth reviewing if you are interested in Beekeeping and technology – online record cards are a great way of storing information about your hives

Surrey Beekeepers, CANADA! - So this is a different Surrey but well worth a read. Beekeeping in Canada is a big business over there and this is a great beekeeping website

Stan’s Blog - What can I say about Stan other than this guy is very knowledgeable and a great contributor on my Beginner Beekeepers Facebook page - purely for his experience this is a great blog to follow

American Bee Blog - Stevens beekeeping blog about his experiences in Dudley, MA are filled with posts about his experiences so worth a read. One of the great beekeeping blogs and beekeeping websites

Bee life in Wales - Now if you like England, you will love Wales. Find out more about beekeeping there but also about living there on the Coast with Alans blog. Another one of the great beekeeping websites

A Beekeepers Blog - One of many great beekeeping websites

General Bee Information Blog - A good example of one of the many informative beekeeping websites

Fantastic Bee photos - The French photographer takes some truly amazing photographs – and I mean truly amazing so worth looking at this site just for that.

Bee Stories Website - if you are interested in a bit of history and general stories about bees this is your beekeeping website

Bee, Gardening and Lifestyle blog with drawn pictures

US Beekeeping Blog- one of the many beekeeping websites

Top Bar and Natural Beekeeping Forum - I have been interested in this sort of beekeeping for a while now and may well look into it in a little bit more detail next year.

The Diary of an incompetant Beekeeper - this is my sort of thing and mirrors my own experiences. What a title!

Honeybees in Central Florida - A totally different experience to beekeeping in the UK so worth the read.

Help To Save The Bees Blog - This is a great beekeeping website from Damian and well worth following if you are interested in saving our bees

Good General Bee Blog - This beekeeping website gives a good overview

Bees in the Antipodes

The only Bee Art Gallery - Andrew has set up this great beekeeping website for anyone with a love of bees. Great for gifts as well.

Aromatherapy and Beekeeping? - a great website here from Emma who is keen on both topics and the both mold well together.

Natural Beekeeping Blog - follow Marcia’s experiences keeping bees naturally in a really clear and well laid out site

Marcia’s blog - another blog by Marcia with some nice pictures and personal experiences to boot

Beginner beekeepers Resources - A great website here from Marc. A shop and online resource for all you beginners out there……

London’s Buzzing - A great website dealing with a green enterprise set up by Metisfl a community interest company with a conscience; with the aim of actively helping the environment by repopulating with bees, through adoption, fostering, sponsoring and funding. We place beehives in homes, schools, church yards, business premises, farms and community gardens.

Beekeeping Blog and Shop - Johny, being a techie and beekeeper, has put together a great little blog/shop here and also check out his Android App which I think looks fantastic (and Free!)

New Zealend Beekeepers Forum - Well worth joining if you are beekeeper from that neck of the woods.

Andrea’s Blog - A lovely beekeeping blog written, unsurprisingly, by Andrea who is a brand new beekeeper in London, Ontario, Canada and was asked so many questions about bees by colleagues at work that a blog was decided upon.  The blog is part bees and part gardening and part fumbling

Beverley Bees - a great back yard beekeeping blog with some great pages on there with lovely recipes and useful tips.

Dr Beekeeper - a great blog to follow written by a Junior Doctor and his experiences with bees…….well worth a read and a follow. “The Doctor” also writes in the BBKA News about beekeeping through the ages which is very very interesting and worth following the blog for that reason alone.

Gardening Websites:

Gardeners World Blog

Get In The Garden Blog

Bee, Gardening and drawing Blog

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