Guest Beekeeping Blogs

Over my time writing this blog I have come into contact with some great people involved in Beekeeping projects and there are some out there who are also prolific beekeeping bloggers. These projects might be from a charitable perspective, a photographic perspective or just simply doing brilliant and interesting projects involving beekeeping.

As such I want to give them an additional area to talk about their passions. The people below will be guest blogging at least once a month and so keep a good look out for them. If you have an interesting project that you would like more people to take an interest in please contact me.

Guest beekeeping Blogger 1  Iain Judge, Beekeeper and Candlemaker; London.

I’m trying to set up a company (“Loo-churn-are-ee-um” or Lucenarium, there is another Beeswax Candlesspelling of the word but I won’t confuse matters by telling you it) that will provide activities with a purpose for people with learning disabilities. My background has been in managing a day center for people with profound learning  disabilities for the last 5 years. And since I am a beekeeper and i enjoy making things, I thought what better than making beautiful beeswax candles to sell to the general public.

Follow my exploits setting up the company over the next 12 months.


Guest Beekeeping Blogger 2  Geoff Fitzgerald, Photographer; Canada

When photography became an immediate interest at the start of high school for Geoff his parents noticed this and fueled that interest by giving him what was once theirs, his first 35mm manual film camera. He began shooting and couldn’t put it down. Wanting to further his passion and technique he attended Sheridan College taking their applied photography course to learn more about studio photography and began working with 35mm digital SRL Rooftop beekeeping in Torontocameras. In 2005, finishing the program
and taking all his past and present skills, he moved to Toronto to begin working as a freelance photographer. Geoff has since been building a strong portfolio of work ranging from theatre, live concert, to weddings, however, his true passion lies inportraiture, commercial, editorial as well as fine art creative’s.

Geoff currently works as a freelance photographer in Toronto, shooting for such publications as The Grid, Blog-TO, and NOW magazine, and have recently had a publications in “Bee Culture Magazine”, as well as Canada’s daily paper “Metro” with regards to Rooftop Beekeeping. I have had many shows in the last few years including Toronto Pearson International Airport’s Pastoral Portraits for
Contact 2009 , as well as Arta Gallery in the distillery district for Contact 2010 which was rated number 7 on Patti Cooke’s Top Ten at Contact Photography Festival in Toronto for Dart International magazine Volume 13, number 2.

At the moment Geoff is hard at work on a new series of photographs that document the urban rooftop beekeeping, and the beautiful and intimate relationship between the apiarist and their bees. Currently the series spans across Canada ranging from Toronto to Montreal and most recently Vancouver,with plans to continue the series into the United States and eventually Europe. or contact Geoff at

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