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      Beelicious; Recipes with Honey


      A fantastic beekeeping book for children which is sure to encourage them to enjoy both honey and cooking

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      Bees in the City


      A great overview of Urban Beekeeping and how you can help the cause in a responsible manner

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      Beeswax Candles


      A packet of 2 beeswax candles made by Lucenarium, a socially responsible beeswax candle business working with physically and mentally disabled people to make candles. 100% of the proceeds are ploughed back into the initiative.

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      If I Were a Bee


      A wonderful book with excellent illustrations ideally suited for children between the ages of 4 and 8

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      The Bee Journal; Beekeeping Poetry


      Part diary, part poetry book. A beekeeping book with a difference which really makes you think about what it was like starting out as a beekeeper.

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      The Urban Beekeeper


      A fantastic book written by the owner of The London Honey Company, Steve Benbow. Being the official beekeeper for Fortnum and Mason must be amazing and you get great insight into how that all works out but this is just a drop in the ocean. The year that Steve talks about is the year that he starts turning his dream into reality; moving all his hives back to London from the beauty of Shopshire and looking to have hives in all 33 London Boroughs. A fabulous diary account of a commercial beekeeper and one that will keep you reading it in one sitting.

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