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Beekeeping for Beginners with Charlie Dimmock and James Dearsley

I was lucky enough to record a beginners DVD with Charlie Dimmock teaching her the ropes. It won an award at the Royal Television Awards so I hope you like it.


I was given the amazing opportunity to teach Charlie Dimmock a few things about beekeeping. Whilst I went through some of the basics of the hive I wanted to bring in some experts and master beekeepers to go through more complex aspects of beekeeping. Topics covered include:

  1. An introduction to Beekeeping
  2. The Beekeeping Year
  3. Beekeeping Diseases
  4. Beehive Management
  5. Which Hives to choose
  6. How to handle bees for the first time

The DVD is based at a very basic level and I really wanted it to promote beekeeping to beginner beekeepers or even those with only a vague interest who just want to know a little bit more about the topic and use it as a platform to join a local association and take up the hobby. I hope you enjoy it

10% of all proceeds go to two fantastic beekeeping charities; Bees for Development and Bees Abroad so please consider buying.

Reviews of Beekeeping for Beginners:

Beecraft Magazine – “It is certainly a useful guide for someone starting beekeeping. All the main steps that a beginner needs to understand to get started are demonstrated in separate chapters. The means a new beekeeper can dip in when required or be reminded about some manipulation technique that is not clear when tried out on their bees

The Beekeeping DVD was also nominated recently in the Royal Television Society Awards which was apparently a pretty big thing. We had made the shortlist for “Independent broadcasts not made for TV” and were down to the final three going up against some pretty stiff competition. Sadly we didn’t win (the winner was an amazing production about Bread – you can see the website of the guys that won here. Anyhow I was pretty pleased with the feedback, announced at the award which was given by the 4 judges who judged our category.

The Beekeeping DVD is a comprehensive and enthusiastic introduction to bee-keeping with an engaging expert bringing his passion to the screen

Below you will find a short clip of the DVD to give you a taster

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