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From A to Bee; my first year as a beginner beekeeper

This is my very own diary of my first year of beekeeping following all the ups and downs with the aim of getting just a final jar. I had a fabulous first year learning and I hope you enjoy my experience.


James’s record of his first year as a beekeeper is enthusiastic rather than elegant, but it is a funny, practical and inspiring account of what turned out to be a rather magnificent obsession.” The Daily Mail review, July 2012

I was lucky enough to be asked to make my beekeeping blog into a beginner beekeeping book by the publisher Summersdale. I jumped at the opportunity and so I hope you enjoy my adventures which are written in a simple diary format for the whole of that first year.

Bees for DevelopmentMy first year was filled with ups, downs, good bits and bad bits, not to mention a few stings and a few journeys to far away places in the search for some honey. I hope that you find it a vaguely humorous account of my first year with some useful information thrown in.

Bees Abroad10% of all proceeds will be donated to two beekeeping charities – Bees for Development and Bees Abroad which I believe do a fantastic job with beekeeping in developing countries.

Hopefully you will enjoy a short video talking about my beekeeping book more detail.

Other Reviews I have had: 

Mrs Ward – purchased through Amazon: 

This book is a delight for anyone interested in bees, self sufficiency, juggling family life, exploring new hobbies, social media or those who just like to peek into someone else’s diary!

I’ve discovered a real identification with James as he explores his first year of beekeeping and recounts that journey of discovery that leads/points to a jar of honey…

With laugh out loud moments and a grounding in everyday life, I recommend this as THE book to read this summer…

Ms. Sweeten – purchased through Amazon: 

Lovely little book that will encourage any would be beekeeper to either take it up… Or run for the hills. As I read each chapter it reminded me of my early beekeeping exploits.

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