Do my bees have Dysentry?


Posted by Surreybeekeeper | Posted in Beekeeping, Beekeeping Equipment, Bees, diseases, Feeding bees | Posted on 20-02-2011

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So I receive an e-mail today from a beekeeping friend of mine with bad news “James, I have had a look at your bee photos and I think one of your hives has dysentry“. Here was me thinking it was great as they had both survived the worst of the winter and I am hit with this sort of news. Now, if I am honest, I had heard of dysentry and knew that this was not a good thing but I didn’t really know the details……I had to look it up.

So I picked up all my books and yes…..not a good thing. Essentially this is the bee equivalent of diarrhoea and could be caused by several things. The least of my worries would be that they had been kept inside for too long because of the cold weather, not getting a chance to get outside to defecate (bees will not go to the toilet inside the hive I am told). So that could be the best case scenario. Read the rest of this entry »

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