How not to prepare for your Beekeeping Exams….


Posted by Surreybeekeeper | Posted in Beehives, Beekeeping, Beekeeping Equipment, Beekeeping exams, Bees | Posted on 10-07-2011

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Perhaps the concert wasn’t a great idea. Perhaps the copious amounts of the new beer from Fullers (Honey Dew; I felt it was rather apt when I should have been revising to have a few more than usual to see if it would help) and perhaps the 2am finish was also not the best preparation for my first beekeeping exam.

Waking up with a foggy head I had to launch straight into my 2 year old’s football session followed by lunch at his favourite cafe feeding him and my youngest. To that point I still hadn’t managed to do any preparation for the Beekeeping exam to be taken at 2.30pm. I was beginning to get a little bit concerned especially considering the comments from the last blog about advice on taking your beekeeping exams. Read the rest of this entry »

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